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Tax Audit Representation

 Did you receive an IRS or State Audit Letter? This can be an extremely nerve racking situation since the IRS requests extreme accuracy in providing records and paperwork to match your tax returns. Dealing with an audit can cause people extreme stress.

Our team of Certified Tax Preparers & Enrolled Agents are highly trained in dealing with the IRS. They will walk you through every single step of the audit. You will have our representatives file a Power of Attorney and will speak to the IRS Agent assigned to your case prior to the audit to insure that we have a comprehensive strategy to deal with your audit. Many clients wish to not have to show up to their audits, by hiring our company you do not have to talk to an IRS Agent. Our Team shows up and does the work for you.

The IRS is not your friend; they are a collection agency that represents the government. They are trained to look for the tiniest discrepancies in your records in order to maximize the revenue they are attaining for the government.

Give us a call today at 844-281-5211 and get a free consultation from one of our friendly tax analysts.

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