IRS audit help and representation

According to the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, all taxpayers have the right to representation in all cases against the IRS. While you are not legally obligated to have tax audit defense services, hired tax professionals can help you perform many necessary tasks, such as handling all correspondence with the IRS to resolve your case as soon as possible.

In addition to representing you in court and negotiating a settlement agreement with the IRS, your tax professional will also be able to help you understand what documents need to be submitted with your return and how these documents should be filed; they will also help you prepare a comprehensive list of supporting documentation that will be used during any court hearings or negotiations.

Your tax professional will also be able to provide advice on how best to file your taxes and what forms of payment are accepted by the government agency in order for them to receive your return.

Tax Audit Representation And Defense Services

It’s true—even if you have a clean tax history, the IRS can still audit you. They just need one red flag to trigger an investigation.

At Nationwide Tax Resolution, we know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of an IRS audit. But we also know how stressful it can be for small businesses that are more likely to undergo an audit than large corporations. That’s why our team will help you manage your defense from start to finish so that the entire process is as stress-free as possible.

Nationwide Tax Audit Help Services

If you've been audited, you know how stressful it can be.

No one likes to think about taxes. But when you're faced with an audit and feel like you've been singled out, it doesn't help that your tax return is being reviewed by people who don't understand what they're doing or how to do it right.

That's where Nationwide Tax Resolution comes in. We'll work closely with you throughout the process of your audit, providing legal representation to make sure your case doesn't go any further than it needs to go and that we can end the whole thing as quickly as possible.

Whether you file your tax return or experiencing any other Tax related problem, our tax professionals can represent you during your federal or state audit. We will review your case and act as your legal representation in all interactions with the tax auditor and IRS.

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If you receive a notice from the IRS or your state tax authority, it's important to contact Nationwide Tax Resoution immediately. We'll review your personal or business tax return to create an effective plan for success.

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