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Offers in compromise

If you’re facing extreme tax debt and are at risk of being put into a collection plan by the IRS, you may be able to wipe your slate clean by reaching an agreement or offer in compromise with the IRS.

This settlement plan is helpful for many individuals who cannot pay their tax debts. However, while this settlement plan is helpful for many individuals who cannot pay their tax debts, the IRS believes that many taxpayers have the ability to repay the full amount they owe and often refuses many offers in compromise.

Despite this low acceptance rate, Nationwide tax Resolution has helped many clients negotiate an offer in compromise and successfully secure relief from their back tax burden. Let Nationwide tax Resolution help you overcome your tax debt today.

Are you a Good Candidate For The Offer In Compromise Program

If you're hoping to get back on track with your tax situation, the IRS has a pre-qualifier tool to help determine if you're a good candidate for Offer in Compromise. In addition to being able to pay the settlement amount and providing an accurate collection potential, you can increase the likelihood of the IRS accepting your offer if you:

**File current tax returns to provide the IRS with updated financial information.

**Pay all required fees on time.

**Submit all payroll taxes in a timely manner if you are a business owner with employees.

**Delay declaring bankruptcy until you go through the Offer in Compromise process, as it can be risky for taxpayers who have already filed for bankruptcy.

Next Steps After Receiving An Answer From The IRS

If the IRS accepts your offer in compromise, you'll need to comply with all of the terms outlined in your agreement. Failing to do so could result in the IRS suing you for the original amount of your tax debt plus penalties and interest.

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Through Nationwide Tax Resolution IRS Offer in Compromise services, our expert team has helped individuals and businesses across the country effectively settle their debts and save thousands of dollars. We can help negotiate your tax debt with the IRS, and possibly secure an offer in compromise.

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